Direct Investment Oversight

Direct Investments require specialized oversight and governance support, and often corporate development and growth plan implementation services, or even total 100% active management support.

We offer specialized services focused on monitoring and growing the value of our clients' equity invested in private companies.

Direct Investment Services

While direct investments offer many benefits, they are not without risk given the concentrated and illiquid nature of such holdings. For each direct investment held by a client, there needs to be a plan for governance and oversight.

Our Family Enterprise Business Services (FEBS) are designed to help clients better govern, oversee and develop their business holdings. Since 1982, we have provided such services and have a demonstrated successful track record in doing so. Whether our clients own a single business or operating asset, or have a portfolio of such direct investments, we can provide services tailored to the needs of each client, and each business or an overall portfolio of direct investments.

Unlike many firms in the direct investment services space, we have a strong team of Senior Managing Directors who have deep experience from serving as C-Level executives or board members of family business holding companies or upper middle market businesses, which were grown significantly during the term of their involvement. When a client needs active oversight or even executive management level support for a direct investment, we have team members who can help.

This can also be important as businesses grow and transition from one generation to the next. Often the ownership structure becomes more complex, as control is shared among a larger and more diverse group of stakeholders (e.g. future generations of family members, family trusts or entities, directors and management, or outside investors). Evolving and transitioning ownership and control requires rigorous and effective shareholder and corporate governance processes, and sometimes skilled persons who can provide deep advisory guidance to trustees, boards or shareholders.

Direct Investment Oversight Support



Value Growth Plan

Designing a plan to drive equity value creation in a direct investment.

Operating Partner Services

Active oversight of a direct investment, especially during a time when performance improvements are being sought.

Board & Advisory Board Services

Outsourced services to help structure or improve governing boards or advisory boards for direct investments in operating businesses.

Oversight for Trustees & Beneficiaries

Services designed to provide qualified, professional oversight and reporting of direct investment results for trustees and beneficiaries.

Performance Monitoring & Reporting

Service designed to monitor the current or future drivers of business performance, and to provide concise reporting to shareholders.

Liquid Opportunity Analysis

One of our key Family Business Enterprise Services (FEBS) addresses the need to periodically consider the liquidity needs of shareholders.

Questions our clients frequently ask

We help clients answer the following types of direct investment oversight questions:

  • What best practices should be applied to governance or oversight of our direct investments?
  • Are the correct key performance indicators (KPIs) being used, and is compensation aligned correctly?
  • Does our Business Governance Model need to change at the point of generational transition?
  • How will leadership or organizational design need to change to support future business growth?
  • Do we need a succession plan or succession management to transition our direct investment?


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