March 29, 2017

Doug Berger presents Proven Guidelines for Successful Generational Transition for Business Owning Families at The Capital Group & HWSC Event

Doug Berger

Mr. Berger, a Managing Director with HWSC, was recently asked to collaborate with The Capital Group to present a seminar for business owning families who face an upcoming generational transition. The event was held at The Capital Group's New York headquarters on March 29, 2017. An interesting statistic cited by Mr. Berger was that despite roughly 65% of business owning families, who have responded to surveys over the years, indicate that they are planning to transfer their businesses to the next generation, fewer than 25% succeed in doing so based upon proprietary, middle market business data research by HWSC. This creates a significant gap between plans versus outcomes.

Mr. Berger then discussed the top concerns of business owning families who are approaching a generational transition, the primary causes for unsuccessful generational transitions, and the best practices used by successful families who have beaten the odds. The meeting was well attended and a follow-up workshop is planned.



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